Work With Me

Who am I?

What do I want?

Why am I here?

The answers to these questions give life meaning, clarity and direction.

Most people live life from their conditioning – habits, beliefs, filters, traumas – and they never question if it’s serving them Now. Or if it’s even who they truly are.

But you’re not most people. You’re ready to ask the big questions, to awaken and to emerge as the core You. You’re ready to let your light shine unhindered…

I use the word Light a lot. I like it. Light is energy of the highest vibration. Luminous, radiant energy that stimulates sight and makes things visible. A source of illumination. It is consciousness, healing and Love from Source.

Light is energy. Everything is energy. Science says so. But science is complicated. A simple way to understand energy in the context of coaching would be: your thoughts, feelings, attitudes and perceptions of yourself and the world around you.

I coach the energy, not the problem. When the energy shifts, “problems” become opportunities and soul-utions are found through consciousness.

Here are just some of the Conscious Soul-utions my clients have created:

– Embracing her spiritual awakening and shining her LIGHT to help other teens awaken to their own.

– Shifting paradigms and courageously leaving a hopeless marriage to create space for her true soul-mate.

– Quitting her dead-end job that was wreaking havoc so she could design the work life of her dreams. Entreprenista!

– Coming out of the closet and owning his beautiful truth.

– Falling in love with her body as is and speaking to groups of women about loving theirs.

– Reconstructing his demanding work as a leader and prioritizing relationship with his children.

– Overcoming her fear of bliss and jetting off to fulfill a dream of traveling Europe.

Your emerging Light…

At the core we are Beings. As you get in touch with your Being-ness, doing comes as a natural overflow. Consciously knowing Who you are will guide you toward your purpose and the actions you need to take.

If that’s starting a company – great!

If that’s sitting still in the grass and staring at an anthill – great!

If that’s doing a cartwheel or climbing a tree – great!

You have all the answers within you and we will draw them out. With a little play, a little heart-opening and a deep look inside, you will discover that you are a being of Light.

It’s already within you. You don’t have to learn it or make it or grow it. You ARE it. Bright shining Light. It’s just a matter of clearing the debris out of the way, so that the Light can emerge.

Moving out the darkness – old conditioning, destructive patterns, suffering, fear – making a clear path for the light to come forward. I am all about transformation from the core. Then you become the embodiment of all the love, peace, happiness, fulfillment, empowerment and perfect presence that you can imagine. And you get to create Soul-utions from there. Inside-out.

I’m here to support you every step of the way.

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