How Do You Catch a Cloud and “Pen” it Down?

How Do You Catch a Cloud and “Pen” it Down?


Words. I have a love/hate relationship with words. I love crafting with them. I love writing something that people read and find meaningful or impactful or even just useful.

I love that the right combination of words can penetrate someone to the core. I love the storytelling and rhyming and communication that words offer.

Yet, sometimes words feel very inadequate. I often find myself inarticulate, especially when trying to speak of the infinite and mystical.

How am I supposed to speak of that place where time and space fall away? Where pictures and sensations take over logical thought? Where we need 5D glasses to know what is real and what is illusion?

This will be my challenge and my goal.

Recently I was talking with my coach about how to get certain abstract concepts that are part of my coaching practice (such as consciousness or intuition) into words. Taking on her nun persona, she sang to me, “How do you catch a cloud and pin (pen) it down?”

Exactly. A lot of people attempt it – these ‘cloud catchers’. There are a million blogs, articles and books out there where loads of writers have captured essence beautifully.

So what enabled them to do it and why do people relate so strongly with it? This is what I was determined to find out.

After reading several authors’ words on topics such as spirituality, consciousness, mysticism, quantum physics, energy, and so forth, I noticed 5 common threads:

  1. It may sound “duh”, but each of them is a human with a human body. A spirit being contained in a body, in and of itself, is a pinning down.
  1. They are willing to be open and vulnerable.
  1. They approach the subject from their own personal experience.
  1. They often back up their experience by citing other teachers, philosophers, scientists, etc.
  1. They all play the role of a mirror – reflecting back to the reader what the reader already ‘knows’ inside.


So with these discoveries in my pocket, I look forward to sharing my pinned-down clouds with you in the upcoming posts of Soul Snippets…

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  1. Hi Anissa! This resonates very strongly with me. Actually, this thought of “how to express in words something so elusive, but what feels so real and so true to me” and how to share this with others has been on my mind almost constantly for the past couple of years. In fact, I was just thinking about how strong my seeming inability to express the things that are beyond words was bothering me in the light of how strongly I felt the need to find a way for this type of self-expression. And, as I was thinking that thought and wondering if I wanted to write about it on my FB or not, I saw your post. We must be on the same wavelength about this! I hope to continue this quest and not alone anymore. It’s nice to know others are also looking at the elusive poetry/mystery of life and want to create a shared experience with others!

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