Birthday Wishes for 2016

Birthday Wishes for 2016

I wish for the pain to heal and the healing to sing out loud.

I wish for anxiety and depression to find their way home.

I wish to have great compassion for fear. To gently put it in a box and ship it off to Antarctica.

I wish for anger to have its say, and then stomp its way out the door.

I wish for my cracked heart to crack up with the mirth that is my birth-right.

I wish for all of my knowing to come from stars and stones.

I wish to be overtaken with gratitude for the closed doors behind me and the open doors in front of me.

I wish for a million touches a day, in all forms, to remind me that Love IS.

I wish to see you. And in doing so, to see me in this house of mirrors.

I wish for courage, confidence and conscious selection at every crossroad.

I wish for my highest good, no matter the color, shape, size or smell.

I wish for my essence of joy to demand its presence and seep out of my skin smelling like sunshine.

I wish for only Light to guide me inside and out, leaving no space for fight or flight.

I wish for deep soul connections that have no beginning and no end.

I wish for security, not from things or people or answers, but from knowing that I am solidly planted with deep roots holding me upright.

I wish for happy cartwheels and good, solid landings.

I wish for great Trust, like the kind the angels have, which is merely the wind beneath their wings.

I wish to find True Love, open and free, inside of me.

I wish for now. Only now. Just this.

Good thing I believe in wishes coming true. I am the genie, master and creator of my own reality. And I have a lot of candles to blow out.

You don’t have to wait for your birthday to make your own list. I’d love to hear your wishes in the comments.

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