The Tao of Travel

The Tao of Travel

Sitting in Montenegro by the Adriatic Sea at sunset, my eyes are taking in crazy-ass hues of pink and orange I didn’t even know existed. I am mesmerized, hypnotized.

All that exists are these colors, the sound of the water and me. This moment.


We often take for granted our home routine. The repetition of life lulls us into a state of sleepwalking. The tree waving good morning in our front yard is ignored. The people on the subway blur into a mirage. Clocks tick-tock with high expectations. Our minds zoom in on yesterday and tomorrow, while today is left forgotten.

Breaking away from the ‘daily grind’ gives a fresh perspective and reminder that now is all there is.

When I travel, my mind is captivated by all of the new sights, sounds, languages, foods – my senses are pulling all focus.

Everything becomes crisp and clear. Sensory awareness only exists in the present moment. And the New is almost always connected to the Now.

When people ask about my traveling addiction, I have myriad answers, but the most prevalent one is “because I feel the most ‘Me’ when I travel”. What I mean by this is that when I am consciously in the Now (travel=new and new=now), I am the most connected with myself and with All.

The illusions of what I do and the roles I play fall away and leave me with only my essence. This is the true ‘Me’.


Slowly but surely, as I move through life, I’m learning to be present more and more. I’m finding the Now not only while traveling, but also at home in daily life. So grateful for expansion.

But there’s still something to be said for flying 17 hours to eat corn puffs that taste like either ham or peanut butter. Not sure which. But they are melting in my mouth as the sun melts behind that mountain…

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  1. I feel the most alive specifically when I am in a foreign country. Don’t understand it. Thanks for a great blog!

  2. I feel the same as you Nerissa! And I too feel so alive in a foreign culture. Maybe because it DOES stretch me out of the mundane everyday experience I’ve become used to and challenges me to awaken to these new and never before seen experiences. But I’ve also been challenged that new discoveries are waiting right here, right where I am right now. It’s all about seeing all of life with wonder. Man that’s a challenge in my everyday life. I also love to travel because the food is just soo dang good in other countries – ha!

    1. I agree, Christy. There are so many beautiful things about traveling, especially the food. And YES to seeing all of life with wonder! Noticing the trees and the people on the subway, and being present with them even if you see them every day. Each day is new (at least as we experience this time-plane)!

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