Spiritual Insomnia

Spiritual Insomnia

The age has come when people the earth over are waking up!

To their true essence, to the “More”, the “Greater than”. We are cracking open and the Light inside is insisting on being let out. To connect back to Source. To fulfill our soul’s purpose as this embodied Light. To expand beyond the limited boundary lines we’ve drawn for ourselves.

I’ve had the challenge of physical insomnia for many years and it’s one of the most painful and life-altering conditions to have. After several nights of little and/or disrupted sleep, I start to walk crooked, hear my voice outside my body, have conversations with the Care Bears…  Not good.

For the most part. I mean, some of those Care Bears might be my inner guides, because they sometimes say really profound things. Recently I had a conversation with one about “Spiritual Insomnia”. I discovered many parallels between the experience of physical insomnia and the Spiritual Awakening process…


I won’t lie, waking up is hard to do.


It often comes through pain and most people want to resist pain. Super normal. To allow pain is counter-intuitive to our system. But sometimes life creates situations that are painful no matter how much we try to resist. And these are often the doorways to enLIGHTenment.


The thing is, once you wake up, Spiritual Insomnia sets in. You can’t go back to sleep.


And you find that for the most part, you don’t really want to. Once you taste of something bigger and higher than you’ve ever known, the same old bland rice doesn’t quite do it for you anymore.

You wake up and all of your senses come alive. Your inner wisdom activates. Sometimes you even experience things beyond normal sensory perception. Sleeping no longer has much appeal.


Sometimes it may feel like you need a rest from all of this expansion, but now you get to find replenishment in lucid dreaming, pure presence and stillness.


I’ve been slowly waking up my whole life, but a year and a half ago, through the doorway of pain, I suddenly became wide-awake. And though my system still wants to resist pain, I’ve actually got a very compassionate relationship with it now. I honor it. Because I know that it’s the doorway to the “More” and to knowing my soul’s origin and purpose. Pain is here to tell me stuff.

When you wake up, you have access to the help of everything in the Universe (you’ve always had it, but now you’re aware of it). You are not alone. You have infinite tools and resources. You will have Spiritual Insomnia and sometimes that will frustrate you. You might at times plead for sleep to come back. You might talk to Care Bears. But don’t worry; they’re very sweet and friendly.

Know that the Awakening and subsequent insomnia is just your Light and Love integrating and expanding. And I’m here to have a cup of coffee with you when you’re tempted to down a bottle of Ambien.

Because I love you.

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  1. Girl – the care bears part had me laughing out loud! So timely considering I’ve been having some physical insomnia lately and haven’t had that in a while. Waking up at like 3 or 4am and not being able to go back to sleep. This is very timely!

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