Bye-bye 2016!

Bye-bye 2016!


As 2016 comes to a close, I have a few words to say to it – GOOD F*CKING RIDDANCE!!

It was a challenging year for many, myself included. Seems that a lot of pain and shadow needed to surface as a refining fire of sorts.

The theme I set as my 2016 intention last January was Lightness of Being. Either the Universe decided that I needed to first experience the dark and heavy in order to get to the Lightness. OR it took me literally and lit me up in a flame.

Ouch. But I am grateful. So grateful. I wouldn’t change a thing. Because I know that learning to be with intense feelings, allowing, and shifting all kinds of energy has transformed me.


We are coming more and more into the New. New everything. So I also get to be new in so many ways. New perspectives, new systems, new glorious life!


I hope you’ll join me in choosing life. And not just survival, but thrival. A life of passion, presence and purpose. One that makes your heart spin wildly into the infinite world of magic and possibility…

Here’s a little analogous prose that popped out the other day as I was thinking of the page I’m on in life. Turns out it’s a page about an elephant:


Kiran moves slowly and deliberately with his herd through the jungle, following the ley lines that keep Mother spinning on her axis and ensuring planetary equilibrium. His life is a place where faeries dance and rocks sing; where upside down is right side up; and where anything is possible. Anything.

He stops for a moment in the sunlight, deeply knowing that light is life, and raises his trunk in surrender to its power. Swinging his trunk over to Lucien, they tightly intertwine trunks and laugh at the colors dancing on each other’s ears. Kiran is surer of the light than of his own breath.

And so he continues his journey as a wayfarer, letting his doing flow gracefully from his being. His mission is sure: giving unconditional presence to the earth and all of its inhabitants. He needs no business plan or strategy; it’s innate in his nature. And this comforts him.

His eyes pulse with tears as he begins to hear the Poetry rise up – deep calling to deep – telling of love in its myriad words:

transcendent trust with no guarantees, hopping up on the table and dancing with freedom,

open book, open door, open eyes, open heart,

looking in the mirror and playing with the reflection – reciprocation is motivation, 

connecting in, connecting out, up and down, all around, no one left behind, all is one and one is all,

beauty flowing like honey over limitless laughter and longing, such longing for all that already is…

As he continues on, Kiran’s strong and steady foot stamp sends out a resonance to awaken all beings into remembering. I am elephant, hear me trumpet!

My 2017 theme is “Onward into the New”…

What’s yours?

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