5 kEys for Living the Lightness of Being

5 kEys for Living the Lightness of Being

In January, I decided to make “Lightness of Being” my theme for 2016. I considered what that means and realized that Light has two meanings:

  1. lacking density
  2. illumination

So apparently, I adopted a two-for-one theme, which is cool because they both feel equally relevant to what I want in my BE-ing. As I considered what would bring the Lightness of Being (weightless illumination) fully forward in my life, I went on an “E”-spree!

The following are 5 kEys for living the Lightness of Being:



The process of coming into being after being concealed. The butterfly coming out of the chrysalis. Through awakening and transformation, you are leaving behind the old you. Clearing out dust and debris. Letting the light emerge to create the new you, the true you. The you you’ve always known was in there.


Emotional Awareness

Having your antennas up, collecting all of the signals that your feelings are giving you. Being emotionally aware brings the greatest source of information about your Self.

Your feelings give you insight about your boundaries (or lack thereof), your relationship to others, your needs, where your energy is being spent, and how aligned you are with your truth.

That’s a lot of useful info that you can use to uncover the light.



As your consciousness develops, you will have many insights, experiences, ideas, etc., which are often nebulous or abstract. Sometimes these can cause you to ‘leave’ your body or view it from the outside as a lump of matter.

Bringing consciousness into your body and being a living example from the inside out is Embodiment. This process involves using the 5 senses with full awareness, as well as extra sensory perceptions, intuition, movement and breath.  This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…



Seeing yourself, choosing yourself, understanding that you have wants and needs and that’s okay. Knowing that you are fully capable of creating all that is within you. Being in your personal power is the same as Love.

Power sometimes has a negative reputation. But it’s the abuse of power that gives it a bad rep. NOT power itself. Power is Love. It’s knowing who you are –a being of Light – and standing in it with strength. There’s no ego in true power. Empowerment is a state that comes from a conscious choice to clear out the crap and embrace radical self-compassion.



Living life without struggle. No more battling, efforting or putting up your dukes.

To be at ease is to allow and to trust. To know that all is well at all times. Suffering and struggle come from wanting things to be different than they are. But with trust comes peace.

It may sound like a contradiction, but even difficulty can be faced with ease. It is an energetic attitude toward the difficulty, which honors simplicity, allowing and an unburdened soul.  Light as a feather…


Play with these keys. Notice which ones open which doors for you. How is your Being responding to Lightness?

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