The Completion Process

The Completion Process

A bunch of people scattered across the lawn in pairs – some crying, some screaming, some laughing, some hugging. Clearly there is something going on here and the neighbor is peeking over the bushes, wondering if he should call 911.

But alas, nothing is amiss. These are just training participants learning to facilitate a deeply healing process on one another. Because the most effective way to be a healer is to be healed. Go through the experience yourself to know it from all directions.

The neighbor, intrigued, ends up putting away his phone and wandering over to join us for dinner. True story.

I recently went through this transformational training to receive certification as a practitioner of the Completion Process, developed by Teal Swan to help people heal and integrate from wounds and traumas.


How do you know if you have unresolved trauma? Usually, one or more of these is true for you:

1. You suffer from anxiety and depression.
2. You go round and round with the same cycles of unproductive thought and behavior patterns.
3. You can’t seem to have healthy relationships.
4. You are easily triggered into gulit, shame, anger and/or fear.
5. You have recurring physical symptoms and/or are out of touch with  your body.
6. You spend lots of energy avoiding triggers or memories.
7. Your intuition tells you so. (Listen to it)

Since coming home from the training, my schedule has been swamped with facilitating sessions for clients, as well as taking myself through the process regularly. Every time I get triggered and have an emotional reaction, I use it to go in and find another layer of healing.

I’ve been seeing the triggers as an inner child calling to me. It wants me to come find it so that we can merge back together.

This is why the triggers are so important. They are pushing us into the emotion, which is where the key is hiding to the memory where the child split off and got lost. It’s all so perfectly orchestrated.

I won’t go into a full description of the process in this blog post, but you can find more information and a video on my Completion Process website page. And you can purchase a copy of the Completion Process book for a complete and detailed description of the process.

I highly, highly recommend giving this process a try. It is transformational, expanding and has worked for people who have “tried EVERYTHING”. Maybe you’re one of those?

You don’t have to cry or scream or laugh or hug. But you can if you want.

At some point, you’ll likely find a stillness that will be a container for all of the emotion swirling around, like how space holds the chaos of exploding stars and black holes.

Yep, your inner world is that big.

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