The Completion Process

A modern-day Soul Retrieval journey, a re-birthing into New Life, the Completion Process carries you through re-claiming the lost parts of yourself and clicking those puzzle pieces into place.

I am proud and humbled to be trained and certified as a practitioner of this powerful work developed by Teal Swan. It is a process that works with emotional triggers as a way to go into pain and heal the pain at the source. As a practitioner, I guide people through the process using a combination of somatics, visualization, mindfulness, shadow work, inner child work, intuition, and a whole lot of Love. These are the foundational pillars of the Completion Process and I’m so happy to offer it to you.

This process is designed in such a way as to be walked through on your own. However, I highly recommend working with a Certified Practitioner for the first few sessions to get support, guidance and the hang of it.  If you are working through severe traumas (ritual abuse, sexual abuse, torture, war, PTSD, etc.), I would say that it is essential that you work with a Certified Practitioner.

I am happy to support anyone through the Completion Process, but my specialties include anxiety and depression, severe trauma, relationship, parents, children, and intuition development.  I facilitate sessions via Skype (or other video platform) or in person.

Please watch my video below for a bit more of an overview of what CP is and what it can do for you.

I’m not so sure that time heals all wounds. Time often reinforces them. Let’s take time out of the equation and replace it with Love. Ok, NOW we can get somewhere…


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