Mirror to the Moon

Mirror to the Moon

“Why does he have to go into defense mode and start accusing back? If he could just lovingly view the situation and respond from understanding rather than reacting from his own wounds, it would shut the whole thing down. His reaction just makes him look guilty.”


This was part of an inner monologue I was presenting to myself from my supposed “higher self” regarding some drama I read about on Facebook. None of my business really, but I had an opinion about it. It was really bothering me because I felt that the big picture was so clear – how could they not see it?


Then it hit me like a pie in the face: their reactions and behaviors were an exact reflection of my reactions and behaviors when I’m in the middle of a drama.


When you’re in the middle of it, you can’t see from outside of it. The pain and anger get triggered and blur everything. It’s like trying to see the moon through a thick fog, let alone trying to see the situation from a moon-perspective.


I’m not sharing this just to expose my judgmental ego. And funny enough, now that I see what was happening, I’m not judging the judgment. I feel compassion for it, because the judgment showed up as a way for me to avoid looking in the mirror. It was my ever-faithful protector.


I’m sharing to let you know that our judgments might hold our release, if we let them. If we look into the mirror being offered and decide to gaze deep into our own soul.


Once I saw the reflection, some things got deconstructed. I understood that there’s no such thing as ‘drama’, only real feelings that are asking for attention.


I accessed my pain and anger in a new way. I acknowledged my defensiveness. I nodded to my guilt. I forgave. I released. I healed. And as a result, (now, here’s the ding-dong-daddy) I got outside my ego long enough to see the big picture of my own situation. I experienced a loving response rise up within me and carry me away from gravity…



What situations and experiences are showing up in your world where you feel like you see the big picture for someone else? How might their situation be a mirror for you?


Isn’t this life journey so much fun?!

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