You can live outside the box, or if you’d like a container, build one that suits you perfectly. Just don’t squeeze yourself into someone else’s. There is NO one size fits all. Be YOU!                      

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About Me

Hi, I’m Anissa and I love you.

Is that a weird way to introduce myself? Well, I figure I should start off letting my weird light shine. And it’s true – I DO love you. Right where you are, exactly as you are.

I also know a few things about you. You’ve probably spent most of your life trying to fit in to the status quo.  Your body, mind, and emotions sometimes go off in different directions and cause you to feel lost or overwhelmed. You’re not sure who you are and what your purpose is, but even if you happen to know, you’re not living it fully. Does any of that ring a bell inside?

Yeah, I know. I’ve been there. It’s a journey, but I’ve taken it on with absolute passion, commitment and an adventure-spirit and I’m here to help you do the same.


In Their Words

“Let me start by saying that as a logic worshipper, I thought this brand of coaching was going to be way too woo-woo for me and that there was no way I would commit beyond the first session. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Anissa is incredible at meeting you WHEREVER you are and is so insightful, hilarious, and a master of her craft. Talking to her for the first time, I was so captured in the conversation that I felt like I had left the room and had been transported into another world. Our sessions are often the highlight of my week and are always a hard reset on my life, leaving me with the ability to know what I want and create it in my life. In my 3 months of coaching with her, I have left a relationship I thought I would never have the courage to, multiplied my productivity, and have never been happier. I honestly feel guilty for not paying more. Anissa is my coach for life.”

Asif Dhanani – Career Coach

“I started working with Anissa because I was transitioning from .edu to self-employment.  She’s helped keep me grounded, gain focus and clarity, and tracks when I’m meeting goals we’ve set. I’ve learned that I’m greater than I think I am. That I’m powerful and resourceful.  That I get to be ME!  I’m so grateful for her cartwheeling, free-spirited and very effective approach. My energy increases just thinking about an upcoming session.”

Leilani R. – Writer

“After working with Anissa for the last three months I can honestly say that my life has been nothing short of spectacular. She has taken my life to new levels and helped create a “new me” that wakes up each morning feeling empowered to make a difference for myself and those around me. Anissa is authentic, caring, intuitive, insightful, and above all, passionate about helping others reach new heights of success. Anissa’s coaching has transformed my life at work and home and has made me both mentally and physically stronger and more confident than ever. If you are looking for a coach that will help you transition your life in a warm, non-threatening environment then look no further than Anissa.”

William L. – Coast Guard Master Chief

“Anissa’s energy is happy, contagious, warm, supportive and encouraging.  I feel completely connected with her every time I look into her eyes looking for judgment and don’t see any…”

Chari W. – Marketing Manager

“I was struggling a lot with anorexia, insomnia and many other things which started surfacing when my mum died. That period lasted for 2 years. I tried psychotherapy, meditation, yoga, running, listening to Eckhart Tolle, Alan Watts, Byron Katie, Ester and Jerry Hicks, Wayne Dyer and also, luckily Teal Swan. All of these things were helpful, but not until I tried the Completion Process with Anissa did I find some relief. I had three sessions with Anissa and these are the results: I have been sleeping very well (more than 9 hours a day!), gained 5 kg, and generally found peace. I don’t know much, but I know the Completion Process is, on the one hand, something like magic, and on the other, it is a very natural process which sort of shows you a way back to who you actually are. I have finally learned and experienced the meaning of words such as: acceptance, surrender, faith and love, for everything that arises. I am so grateful, first of all to Teal who shared it with the world, and so very grateful that I contacted Anissa who took me through the whole thing. Thank you Anissa for your help, kindness, and most of all your intuitive skill and dedication which you gave me so selflessly during our sessions. I am your number 1 fan.”

Neda J. -English Teacher

If you need FREEDOM vibration in your life, if you desire someone hands on/hold your hand, be gentle yet a warrior to guide you and be with you in your ‘darkest’ emotions… THIS GODDESS IS THE ONE… The shifts that have happened since she gave me permission to be free and choose for myself what was right for me, instead of telling me what was right for me, has made such a significant impact on my life already. Get ready for some big positive changes. Anissa Matthews, I love you and can’t wait to work with you again.

Beatriz R. – self-employed

“Anissa is a ray of freaking sunshine. She is as lighthearted as a cartwheel and as fierce as a solid landing. She helped me find my true light within and continues to reconnect me with my self-compassion and heart-centered goals. Each call Anissa shows up 100% authentic and ready to ground me to a place ready to honor my own intentions. She empowers me to show up for myself when I am unable to do it for myself. I am so grateful for her presence and ability to help me move forward towards the life I really want.”

Andy Z. – Relationship Coach

“Working with Anissa as my coach has brought me great hope, possibility and being able to see and feel the outrageous and beautiful potential that already exists in me.  She has a way of allowing me to question and then reach higher than imagined.  I greatly value her intuition and the way she uses it is very gentle, transparent and inviting.”

Eric S. – Yoga Instructor

“The biggest personal takeaway from working with Anissa that has weaved its way into the fabric of my thoughts is: don’t try to fix the problem, raise the energy! This has been an invaluable tool for Living as it continues to reinforce the Understanding that Life is Energy, keeping my mind single and my Sight Focused. Anissa has such a multidimensional way of viewing things. From every angle, there is a fantastic option. She sees life as play, a most welcome adventure-mentality that takes the pressure and the limits off. She ushered me into the center of my heart, with a wide-angle flashlight of sun to shine through the Soul-Prism and find the Beauty of Each and All.  “Wholeness” is a word I would use to describe what she does, what she brings to the table.”

Ashley W. – Musician

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